6 Compelling Reasons To Buy From a Licensed Motor Dealer

Why buy from a licensed motor dealer instead of privately?

Buying from a dealer is heavily regulated in your favour and has clear-cut advantages as follows:

Buy Good Used Car BrisbaneGuaranteed Ownership

Buying a car with money owing on it (outstanding finance) is a big problem. Licensed motor dealers are required by law to guarantee title eliminating this risk.

Buy Good Used Car BrisbaneCooling-Off Period

In most Australian states and territories you can change your mind within 1 business day of signing a purchase agreement for the loss of only a small deposit, at worst. This is true for Queensland consumers.

Buy Good Used Car BrisbaneWarranty

This is a huge advantage of buying through a dealer in Queensland.

A car under ten years old and 160,000kms attracts a 3-month/5,000km warranty in your favour.

The dealer must repair any major faults in this period.

This cover can be quite expensive for a dealer so it is not in our best interest to knowingly sell you a lemon.

Our vehicles have been pre-inspected to ensure no major damage or faults exist.

Lemons, or those with too many niggles are wholesaled or sent to the auctions to be someone else’s problem.

Buy Good Used Car BrisbaneTimliness

It is our job to show you our vehicles for sale when it suits you.

Time poor but serious? We can bring the car to you for an inspection.

We specialise in low mileage, good quality vehicles under 10 years old and we are pleased to show you similar makes/models in the one visit.

Buy Good Used Car BrisbaneCode of Ethics

Queensland’s Motor Traders’ Association has a long established code of ethics to protect you, the consumer.

Buy Good Used Car BrisbaneTrade In

Most motor dealers accept trade-ins.

So do we.

We are experts in these transactions and even if you owe money on your existing car, we can still make a smooth swap for you.